A leper story and when God surprises!

It was fun and a privilege to present the story of the One Leper whom Jesus healed (Mark i 40-45) yesterday in a Slovak village Lutheran church up near the Czech border.

In the short time available to us the congregation (150 people approx.) and I discovered together how the leper came pleading, “If you are willing you can make me clean” and seemingly uncertain whether Jesus wanted to do it or not.

The compassion with which the Lord reached out and touched this unclean man before healing him indicated a much deeper inner healing was also happening.

The man got MUCH more than he expected.

That afternoon, as we continued some church activities, I was amazed by the Lord’s hand on four different people who asked for prayer. All of them received some special intimate touches as God came near, but it was the surprise two people got in particular that reminded me of the leper story that morning!

One woman and her mother came forward. The mother’s eyes were red with crying in her pain. She was due an operation this week for something that sounded like a herniated disc (or worse!) as she described it. We prayed together and I shared a couple of words with her afterwards and, when she nodded in agreement to that, I prayed into what was revealed in response.

Then I began praying for the daughter, who had a seriously difficult pinched nerve issue in her spinal cord, also needing surgery. I again got some words for her and she responded in the affirmative and said that as we prayed she felt a (good) pressure in her neck area (where the trouble was rooted).

At this point her mother excitedly, and moving rapidly, began to share how she had no more pain. The daughter told her to get up and test it. She did and she said she felt no pain at all!

As she was walking round I noticed she had a funny gait and I asked if one leg was shorter than the other. The daughter said, “Probably!”, and so we checked and sure enough, there was a 2 cm difference in leg length. We just sat there giving thanks to the Lord for His work in her body, and watched as the shorter leg grew out almost to full length. Perhaps half a centimetre short.

As we were sitting praying in the area where the worship team needed to start worship, we had to stop praying, but I told the pair of them to lift her legs (as we had done) each evening and give thanks and the Lord would complete the healing.

Meanwhile, we all rejoiced at what we had just seen. The unexpected and surprise touches of God loving people and healing bodies. And all in a church where that sort of stuff does not normally happen! What a privilege!



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It was such a rich time of worship at church this morning, led by dear friends and I was so glad that I decided to squeeze in “church” before my trip to Dublin and on to Hungary. Such a tangible presence of the Lord. Wow!

Another blessing was a nice lasagna lunch and a salad made by our friends, with banoffee for dessert, which Ami and I whipped together. 

Now I am well and truly sent off to Hungary and Slovakia for this trip. 😀