One of my favourite places

For breakfast

Edmund Pevensie in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe had a hankering for Turkish Delight. Although things turned out well in the end, it got him and his siblings in some deadly trouble until the Lion Aslan gave himself sacrificially for Edmund so his crime could be paid for and turned around in deliverance, not only for his family, but for all the land of Narnia. The parallels with the Gospel and the work of Jesus for us are enormous.

Although I don’t think it was as serious a temptation for me, seeing it last week as part of the breakfast buffet in my Antalya hotel was an unexpected “delight” 😉.

One of my favourite places on earth is Istanbul and I love having stopovers there between flights, and making my way down to the Old City (on the European side of the Bosphorus) and enjoying late night cups of tea, seated in a street side café, breathing in the air of a balmy night and watching the world go by.

This past week, it was wonderful being in Turkey again. Not only passing through Istanbul once more, but also taking in some new sights and sounds in Antalya where we had our latest STS workshop. I did not see much of the city as the few short days were spent busy training new workers for the Harvest in a subterranean “cave” (as I like to call it) far from the sun and daylight.

Early mornings on the balcony of my hotel were my one quiet refuge as my room mate headed down for daily swims in the Mediterranean. Pictures below.



It was wonderful seeing people grasp storytelling concepts and gain skills in this form of ministry, which the majority had never considered before, let alone experienced. To think that potentially some 17 people will soon be entering some of the most difficult fields to share His Word through story is both thrilling and satisfying to me.

And to be able to train people in one of my favourite places, well that was at Turkish “delight” 😄

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