24 hours

Another story begins. In just under 24 hours.

It has been a while since I last wrote, and resurrecting this blog is long overdue.

The storytelling training trips have been numerous – 11 workshops on 4 continents last year – and they have started again this year, beginning with a memorable trip to South America last month. See a photographic story here about the Amazon trip in February.

In my “morning watch” today I was thinking what an incredible privilege it is. The verse in the image with this post stood out for me.

To be an ambassador is an incredible calling. You represent, not yourself, but your sovereign or country in all you do, say and are. As an ambassador for Christ I do not take lightly the responsibility and as I “go” again – this time to the Arctic Circle – my prayer is the one prayed in my devotional this morning by Nicky Gumbel:

“As I look to the days ahead, help me to make known among the nations what you have done.”


2 thoughts on “24 hours

  1. What A privilege to know you and to follow your ministry as a true Ambassador of Christ to the Nations! I just thought of the “Buzz” there will be in Heaven as we get to share all the places where God’s Story was told and “family” was extended!
    Blessings on You and Ami this coming year too, Bryan!


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