Changing again?

Not sure, but my email platform may be on the change again!

Airmail has been a good experience, except a flood of time loss dealing with reoccurring emails that I have snoozed and that pop up too soon. Not an issue until you snooze a batch of about 30 emails, having browsed them all, and then they all reappear when you switch momentarily to another application and then back to email, or when that snoozed email keeps coming back early again and again!

I think I found a solution with Airmail customer service and cleansing the cache, but I was also getting a little irritated by the app. Aesthetically, although better looking than Apple’s Mail programme, I find Airmail is still a little off. I want something that does all that good stuff with email, integrates with other services (like Omnifocus) and works the way it should, but it must also look good.

Then I heard Spark was available on the Mac.

I have always liked Spark aesthetically and so the prospect of now having my email workflow synced across my devices – and it would appear to give really functional email on the Apple Watch – as well as on the Mac (since November last) is perhaps the programme for which I have been waiting.

There is the ability to have email prioritised smartly in a Smart Inbox (or not if you prefer to keep the other, normal, unified Inbox option, or even if you want to see your email by Inbox per each individual email account). The Smart Inbox is all about how you want to see the most important email first or on top and is a cool feature of the application in my book.

Also, having notifications come up only for your important, personal email and not for all those discount coupons and travel offers, etc. is a strong yes for me. Now I’m not looking at my phone or watch with every ping that happens every few seconds!

The con for me in this app is this: I know, according to their ads, that they are “just getting started”, but I really hope they bring direct integration into their app for Omnifocus and Drafts. This is the only thing for me that would appear to be missing from what seems to be a great email programme.