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Missing an important moment

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Smelling like coffee

Flights out of Dublin were delayed, as was the connection out of Munich. Coffee spilled all over my jeans and shirt on the plane to add to the fun. Nevertheless, a friendly face was waiting for me in Dresden airport and we were soon at the coffee bar, where it was straight into things, after I had changed clothes in the loo. 😳

Above is the picture of the group who came in from Herrnhut – click here if you don’t know the significance of this place and the 100-year prayer meeting  – who led us in our kick off meeting with people from eight different nations, including recently arrived refugees from all kinds of backgrounds. We had some worship, some teaching and then shared food together to end the night. The whole meeting was translated from German into English and Farsi.

Raafat, my friend and brother from Egypt, grabbed the mic at the end and told some stirring stories about his miraculous visa provision for this trip and some storytelling he did on his way over here from Cairo to Germany today. After this we all bounced out of the coffee bar “ready to go”.

But first … at 22:40, it’s time for a little shut-eye.