A New Habit

It’s called Tereré. And it’s from Paraguay.

terere on a sunday morning

terere on a sunday morning” taken on 05 Jan 2014 by Federico Nicolas Villedary with some rights reserved

I first tried it in July 2014 when my wife, daughter Jessica and I were over in Concepción running an STS workshop. It was their winter then and so the weather was cooler. I didn’t take to the drink so much at the time.

But this visit, in the height of their summer (January), and with temperatures reaching 40º C, I was ready for a refreshing drink like it, and quickly took to saying ‘Si’ every time a mug of it was proffered.

It is a social drink and so I got offered it a lot, thankfully!

1 terere

1 Terere” taken on 11 Jan 2012 by Abriles_ with some rights reserved

If you want to learn more about it you can check out this page. However, it is basically a simple herbal tea that is drunk with ice cold water. The water is kept cold in a thermos, and is added to the mug of herbs for as long as there is something to taste.

Well, I took a load of gear over with me on this latest trip to Concepción and returned with practically an empty suitcase for the journey home. So I bought myself ‘the kit’ at a bargain in the local market and then loaded up the luggage with three and a half kilos of tereré herbs!

My old habit of downing a litre of ice water during my daily time of devotions has been replaced (as of this morning) with my new habit of tereré, and I enjoyed it so much I took it to church as it was still going strong! The looks and comments I got were quite amusing, but I am not one to be shy about such a new discovery that is quickly becoming my favourite drink!


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