Things That Go Bump in the Night

The STS workshop was over. I was sitting quietly yesterday, enjoying the peace and quiet and the cool morning morning breeze on the verandah at the YWAM Outback property.

It was between 8 and 9 o’clock.

A woman drives up in her grey Toyota Land Cruiser and looks like she is going to stop behind the yellow van parked below. I thought to myself, “She’s getting a little close to the back of that van!”.

All of a sudden she rams her vehicle with its big kangaroo bars into the back of the van and pushes it about 5 to 10 feet and then stops, with resulting concertina effect damage to the sides of the vehicle. The woman then reverses back onto the road and, with wheels squealing, she heads off at high speed up left on Henry Street, leaving the van askew on the road.

I was left so shocked by her action that I did not have the presence of mind to stand up to check her number plate as she sped away.

I did, however, notice the vehicle and got a good side profile identification of the woman, and so, upon recommendation of the local folk on the base here, and as the only witness to this incident I phoned the police.

The police were pretty much crawling round here all day. Photographs of the vehicle, questions for me, interviews with neighbours, etc. I did think it a bit unusual that so many police were turning up but when I got a phone call from the Senior Detective Constable of the Serious Crime Squad I suppose I figured out it must have been pretty serious.

This morning’s paper reveals it all: Five Cars Rammed in Landcruiser Rampage

Well, maybe not quite all …

It was somewhat surprising to be woken this morning about 02:00 by an alarm sounding and a strong smell of smoke.

Aware of the bush fire issues in his country I was on the alert, but, as I rounded the corner by my room, I saw the van was ablaze (see picture at top) and there were some loud explosions as the fire got more fierce and tyres no doubt exploded.

Most of the residents of the base here appeared because of the commotion and explosions. The firemen turned up eventually and pretty soon had everything under control.

With the woman in police custody since yesterday and not much left of the yellow van this morning no doubt the plot thickens. Hmm!

As the famous Australian author, Douglas Lockwood, in his book Up the Track, writes about this city: “I’m not exaggerating when I say that something unusual happens in Darwin every week”.