The Next Thing

  It’s been a bit of an emotional week! Watching the Indian Pacific (train) pull out of Adelaide station last Thursday night, with my wife and two youngest daughters on board, left me and my oldest daughter (beside me) with lumps in our throats. 

As she said to me, “It has taken so long to get you all out here (to Australia) and in minutes it’s all over and they’re gone!”

30 minutes ago I said ‘Goodbye!’ once again to my wife and youngest daughter, via FaceTime, as they get ready to board their plane bound for Ireland in the next couple of hours.

As they part and get on to the next thing – one daughter heading to Amsterdam to work with YWAM and the other leaving within a fortnight for an internship in the USA – my oldest daughter and I (and a colleague from California) start off the next Simply the Story (STS) workshop here in YWAM Adelaide tomorrow morning. 

Story fun in Adelaide


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Meeting old friends & story opportunities in South Australia


Family together in Perth

 It was three years ago that we last managed to be together. This was certainly an impossible trip for us. (See previous posts for more details). Twenty-four hours before we were supposed to leave we had no tickets. We had nothing but a promise that it was His plan. 
As we now cross the country together on a train to Adelaide – another example of His faithfulness to us – after a wonderful week in Perth, I have many take-aways from this trip so far. Here are just a few:

  • Watching my three girls minister the Word through prophecy and art and prayer all evening to a missionary Friend and colleague who is working in an unreached people group in Asia
  • Seeing 12 people from six nations impacted by the Word of God as we taught them storytelling through STS
  • Watching a nine year old girl lead two old men into applications for today after telling them a complicated story about God, Pharaoh and Moses
  • Watching a Singaporean young man grasp the training well and then lead others to understanding
  • At last seeing my oldest daughter dance ‘live’ with her Island Breeze team at the luau they held at YWAM Perth
  • Hanging out with a dear old friend from Kansas City days, and seeing some of the incredible animals in Australia as a family
  • Meeting up with a Perth couple whom I last saw in the 70s when I worked with them in Senegal
  • Just getting lots of family time, which we hope to continue for the next ten days we have together

Blessed of our Father.