Milan Meandering (Or Pressing Through to Blessing)


Somewhat glad to leave the grey and rain of Ireland (pictured) yesterday morning on our 05:50 flight, and having spent most of the night awake – all of it in Vania’s case! – we were relieved by the welcome blast of heat and sun in Milan, when we finally reached Italy yesterday afternoon.

Arriving at the address, where we had rented a wee flat near the city centre, where Vania may be studying fashion design from September 2016, and, in the heat of the day, after a long walk from the nearest bus stop, we found our lodging (where the landlord had promised he would be waiting for us) all closed up and no one around.

A friendly old man we found on the street, who only spoke Italian, helped us by phoning a number (that received no answer), and, after some perseverance, we were soon in possession of some keys.

Meanwhile the landlord got in touch via text to say that the place wasn’t cleaned from previous tenants! <sigh>

Our dreams of collapsing on comfortable beds and sleeping for the rest of the day were quickly evaporating.

“When would the cleaners be here?”

“In 90 minutes. Sorry”

With Ami and Vania curled up and crashed on the only clean couch in the living room, I sat on a glorified foot stool and did email, waiting for the cleaners.

One hour past the 90 minute deadline, I texted the landlord saying cleaners still hadn’t arrived and really, he needed to act now!

Within a minute the cleaners actually arrived and were answering a phone call from an irate landlord.

Two hours later we were finally able to lay down on those comfortable beds!

Something about “striving to enter into that rest” (God has promised) took on a familiar meaning yesterday!

Here’s hoping the rest of this visit to Milan will be a little less demanding and stressful!


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