Can he do it?

11722407_692897850844887_5939641898805046190_oThat was the question the guys asked about Jairo!

He comes from a tribe in Costa Rica called the Chirripo tribe and he exemplified that deadpan and reserved expression I have seen so often among my friends among tribes in the Amazon, Panama, Nicaragua and now Costa Rica.

We were in Costa Rica last week doing an STS training and Jairo was in my small group (or tribe, as we like to call it, named  after the tribes of Israel). He was particularly gripped by one story in the Old Testament and I could see him responding to it like none of the others we had worked on during the workshop.

I was keen to give everyone a chance to try and do a story presentation, and Jairo was more than ready to go for it. He told me afterwards he wasn’t even nervous!

In the small group, where he went to present his story, one of his countrymen, seeing Jairo pause for a while to gather his bearings, offered to help him deliver his presentation! I told him that Jairo was fine and he would not need any help. And it was true! Jairo delivered such a wonderful story about Moses, and led us into such a good discussion on it that everyone applauded him at the end!

This was one of the many stories from my recent trip to Costa Rica with STS to lead a Spanish training there. More stories to follow …


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