Last Day in the Tatra Mountains

He had not even learned how to do casual storytelling yet, but the eager 19-year old went out for a walk in the evening and found a woman working in a field. He struck up a conversation with her and pretty soon he was telling her the story of Martha and Mary (Luke 10). 

They must have talked for an hour and the woman said to him that she had once been walking with the Lord, but, after some tough times she had drifted and had got lost trying to find meaning in some occult practices. She told him that she was going to seek God again as a result of their chat.

What a blessing to hear this testimony today!

We wrapped up the final (half) day of the workshop at lunchtime with stories, dramas and various wee learning exercises. As we said our goodbyes I must have heard at least four times in the space of an hour that “this was the best conference I have ever experienced, because I not only learned a lot, but I got to practice what I learned and also be coached in it”. 

Tomorrow I have a story to present in a local Slovak speaking church here in the south of Slovakia and then I am to be driven to Budapest to catch my flight home tomorrow night. 


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