Met a man on a train

So today I headed up north from the south of Slovakia to the venue in the Tatra mountains where we are running the Simply the Story workshop starting tomorrow.

Part of the journey was by train. I had a travelling companion as far as Banská Bystrica. As he started telling me about the ‘jabs’ he was getting in preparation for a trip to Tanzania, for a couple of years of internship, I thought of the Bible story in Mark 1 about the leper whom Jesus healed. We began discussing the story after I told it to him and the resulting discussion continued for about an hour or more. Rich exploration in a short story!
It was quite interesting how much he knew of his Bible and also hearing him give his responses to my questions. We had a very good chat and ended up in some stirring conversation that was also pretty convicting for me too. It was one of the most fun “5-minute stories” I have done ever.


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