One of the things that the Lord laid on our hearts for this time in Ireland was the documenting of a legacy. Digitally organising the story of our family and lives for future generations of our family and for those who would care to hear it told.

The “story” will come in many different facets. My Dad’s amazing Prisoner of War diary. Other documents and awards hanging round from bygone days.

Also my own diary (journal). I have kept a diary since I was six years old. Some of it is a bit of a mess and it all needs collating and organising. Another aspect is video interviews with my mother that I have been gathering and recording for the past ten years.

And then there are the photos.

Several years ago our girls, among other things, helped me by scanning loads of old photographs. Those photographs remain in piles in my office and there are digital folders all over the place with the electronic format of most of our family snaps, dating back from before my parents were born (in some cases).

The problem has been getting the time to sort through it all, and, up until Christmas, having a decently functioning computer that could handle the workload and space needed to organise and files.

Finally, the system on the Mac, using the cloud services, for filing everything and for photographic storage was both slow and inefficient.

Until recently.

Apple released Photos with its powerful ability to store things well in the cloud and also be easily searched, edited, organised and accessed from mobile devices as well as from a desktop.

Don McAllister (of http://www.screencastsonline.com) and David Sparks have produced some practical tutorials to work you through setting this all up and I spent the first part of today immersed in studying it all and planning my use of Photos. David Sparks’ helpful tutorial comes in the shape of a “video field guide” about Photos, an all-encompassing screencast available at http://macsparky.com/photos

So the work has finally begun and Photos, as I get the time, will slowly reflect the story I have been longing to get organised in a way that can be told visually and shared easily.

To be continued …


Coming Alive


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