Happy Story!

20140330-101350.jpgI posted this (mobile) yesterday and for some reason it didn’t go up, so here we are again! :-/

Today’s wee recording is about an STS attendee who nailed a great story and about the wonderful time several of us had while she led us in her presentation! Wowzers!

You can listen here

In the Hole!

icebergA full couple of days with workshop activities and other things. STS is going well, though not without its challenges … hoarse hostess, translator no-show, nasty attitudes and other things keep us on our toes and praising the One who gives us victory!

Today we talk about the hole that the people here fell into when we looked at the story of the leper Jesus healed and how people often see that story, missing a vital truth that stares out from the narrative!

Listen to hear more about that!

A Stormy Start

Very much a challenging day for Day 1 of our STS workshop! Lots of logistical challenges including our hostess battling sickness, persecution of a national believer attending the training, latecomers coming in and others having to leave early for unforeseen reasons, etc.

Have a listen for the update on what’s been happening.

Instructor Prep Day

Two jam-packed days, yesterday and today. One, yesterday, was a day filled with sight-seeing with the local organiser of the STS workshop starting this week. Lots of fun too as we “gate crashed” a national holiday and got to see and hear and taste and smell all sorts of local festivities. Walked for miles and miles and was blessed to NOT be stiff today!

Today was much more busy with a full day working on getting our instructor team ready to launch the training at 08:20 tomorrow morning. All went well and we are set for five full days of scheduled workshop with local believers and some expats.

More to follow. Meanwhile, enjoy today’s audio snippet.


Some great fun tonight, out enjoying the local cuisine with our STS hostess, who came in from her home town late this afternoon and took control of my dire culinary situation!

Sac (pronounced ‘sags’) is a local dish of meat and veggies that are delicious!

Apart from this flurry of restaurant activity tonight, I have spent much of the day asleep, catching up on lost sleep from the trip out here, and also trying to stay warm in a freezing house/city!

Enjoy today’s two-minute clip

An Empty Plane

image24 hours of travel and I have reached my destination. Lots of fun on the trip,  including a mad dash through Istanbul airport to make my connection and the delight of passing some chocolates from Ireland on to a delighted air hostess on the last leg if the journey, and finally one very talkative taxi driver who climbed a very high wall to get me into my current lodging.


The Experiment

icebergIntroduction to a trip starting tomorrow and the vision behind these recordings. For more info on the type of trip, or STS in general, check out: http://ift.tt/1lTYEAC