Fix Your Nightmare!

Thanks to Christart for this artwork
Thanks to Christart for this artwork

I remember, as a twenty-something, thinking that the command of God (made to Joshua) to meditate in the Bible day and night sounded a little extreme (at best) and impossible (in reality)!

 Even reading about the ‘blessed man’ in the Psalms was confusing to me:
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
                        ~ Psalm i 2

I asked the Lord … “When do I sleep if I meditate all night, and when do I work if I meditate all day?”

The answer to that question led me on a quest that has astounded me multiple times ever since.

It was like I was led to think about when I was working in an office, and how, on Monday mornings, nobody talked until tea break and then everyone seemed to start talking about the latest twist in the soap opera from the night before!  The soap was the last thing most of my colleagues saw at night before going to bed.

So, what were they thinking about when they drifted off to sleep? The TV programme!

I began to understand that was meditating at night!

Whatever you think about last thing at night is the meditation for your sleep time! And, if it’s something that worries you, then it will probably worsen in the night, because your subconscious was not designed to handle that sort of meditation. Therefore rest is fleeting!

As I explored this line of thinking and began to turn over in my mind (meditate) about various Scriptures I came across something that has helped me sleep like a baby ever since (even in war zones and traumatic times).

I have shared this with friends, family and many people, and have heard how nightmares stopped and ‘worrywarts’ have had their lives turned around.

There are a lot of people talking about meditation out there today that has nothing to do with the Bible, but meditating on the Book of Life is the Maker’s prescribed and best way to bring peace of heart, mind and body to His children! Grasping this will change your life!

If anyone is interested I will write a post sometime about the very steps I have taken for years to meditate and how I prepare for that daily each evening before bed, as well as how I do it (practically speaking).

Meantime, anyone got any cool stories about meditating on God’s Word and what has happened for you as a result?

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