Having a Siri moment


Something made me almost “bust a gut” in traffic yesterday! It has been a while since I have laughed so hysterically while driving in afternoon congestion, but this one had me lose it completely!

I am perhaps one of the few (?) who find Siri useful and helpful, especially when caught at traffic lights and a quick push of the mic button on my phone brings up a (sometimes) coherent and willing assistant to take dictation!

And so it was … I needed to send a quick text to see if my daughter was ready for her lift home as I drove into the town where she was.

What follows is my “discussion” with Siri. Because Siri knew I was driving, everything was repeated to check if I was happy with the steps and commands understood. Enjoy the conversation!

Me: Send a text to Vania!

Siri: OK, I can send a text to Vania Thompson for you. What would you like it to say?

Me: I’m back in Lurgan, can I pick you up?

SIri: I updated your message. It says, “I’m back in love again; can I pick you up?”. Ready to send it?

Ahhh!  No, thank you!


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