Will the Irish rise again?


A number of years ago, during The Troubles, a motley crew (one teen, three pensioners and I) decided we had had enough of the bombing and killing, and we met to pray for ‘a move of God’ in our region, and to refuse to allow terrorist acts to happen in the village areas where we lived. 


God answered our prayers and those of others who prayed.


Our local church was once on record as a place where the Gospel hadn’t been preached for 150 years, and, had a large congregation without a known believer in it.  Now the church sends missionaries out, and receives missionaries from all over the world, and has experienced many moves of God. The Gospel is now faithfully preached there, and most of the congregation has come to follow Jesus.


Way back then, God often showed us where evil was brewing and where bombs were moving. We would pray until we knew that the evil He showed us was not going to happen and that He would turn things around. Subsequent news reports would announce ‘foiled terrorist activity’ and the like!  


Exciting days of creating with God on our knees and seeing Jesus work in many lives.


Fast forward some decades I return home from serving Jesus overseas and I’m distressed at the lack of the fear of God in the land, the ignorance of the Scriptures, youth hell bent on self-destruction and without boundaries, the sensual and sensational that fills once respectable newspapers and TV channels, the attacks by our own politicians on our education system (long the best in the U.K.). 


Further … Laws now being passed, or proposed, are leading us to the destruction of the family, an ‘equality’ that leads to increasing disrespect for women, things like genderless public lavatories, perversion seen as normal and biblical values seen as hate crimes!


What is happening to the land of saints and scholars? Will the Irish, who purportedly “saved (Western) civilisation” from utter destruction, be able to do it again? Do we have any modern saints and scholars who can turn a tide of evil with God’s help?


I was reading about (8 year old) King Josiah in the Bible this morning. He was used by God to turn his nation ‘from the brink’ of destruction to the worship and service of the Living God. I long to see Jesus loved and followed in this land again, and more than before.


What do you think? Will the Irish rise again? Any examples of that happening now? Do you know of any (motley crew or otherwise) who are ‘prevailing with God’ and saying ‘No!’ to the hellbent course we’re now taking? What has God been saying to you about this land? What is your heart’s cry?