Willows by the watercourses


For a number of years now I have been really rooted in some promises that I feel God gave my wife and me about our girls and their descendants. I have had the habit of praying for them (and at least four generations down the line from now) in the light of this.


The promise was the first part quoted below from the Bible:


I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, 

And My blessing on your offspring;

They will spring up among the grass 

Like willows by the watercourses.

~ Isaiah xliv 3b-4


What struck me this morning was the ’springing up’ and the ‘willows’ in the second part of the quote.


Amarilis and I have prayed for a long time that our children would ‘spring up’ from mediocrity into being world changing reflectors of His Glory.  


Also, I have always loved willows. Especially ‘weeping willows’. There is something majestic about them. More feminine than oaks. Something about the beauty, the shelter, the reach, the movement and sound as the wind blows, the sun glinting off them … captivating! They are gorgeous trees, made all the more attractive when situated by quiet streams or rivers.


I feel like the Lord gave me a promise today that my children (to the 4th generation at least) will be like willows by rivers and streams, alive with movement, sound, reach, beauty, providing shelter and telling their story of the Creator. 


Has God spoken to you through nature? What are the promises you have received that are your daily prayer?