The draw of the promise


Whenever I see a rainbow, like this one I saw last Friday night at Beltrim Castle, I am reminded of the promises of God and of His faithfulness. Rainbows just do that for me.

There is also a certain escalating excitement about the promises of God and what is going to happen (by His grace). His promises just ‘draw you in’.

His promises to build His Church, and that ‘the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea’, are happening. It is amazing, and a privilege, watching God work, and working with Him. (What could be more fulfilling?).

Last Saturday (14th) was just plain exciting! As a family we got together with a young couple from a nearby town, who have been unable to find ‘interactive church and community’ locally, and were hungry for ‘something more’. For some time now they have shown an interest in starting a simple church and in using (Bible) story, with discussion, to learn and explore more of God and His Word together. I have been coaching them in this process.

Anyway … we had a blast! We met for a BBQ, and followed the format of Acts 2:42. We delved into a Bible story in great depth (“apostles’ teaching”), got to know one another more (“fellowship”), shared delicious food, remembering Jesus’ work for us (“breaking bread”) and prayed for one another (“prayer”). 

A new simple church has been launched and more people want to join it. We’re thrilled!


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