He is refreshing!


Woke up this morning with a headache. Also with a sense that I’ve been overdoing it a little.

I suppose that’s true, really. I didn’t take my ‘sabbath’ last weekend. Too many activities on. This weekend is scheduled to be fuller still.

Some of the squeeze we’ve been feeling these past few weeks have no doubt added to that sense of being drained.

Anyway I digress.

As I ‘came to’ this morning I had a distinct impression that I needed to take today ‘off the grid’. Switch off. Go walk (in the rain!). Listen to podcasts. Read my Bible extra slowly.

As I pondered taking time out alone with Jesus, a thought came to me that He is the only person that REFRESHES me when I’m with Him. Every time.

Social interactivity for most can be draining. And, for the few of us that find it refreshing to be with people (mostly!), I am talking ‘refresh’ on a deeper level here. It touches every part of who we are.

I need that today.

I pray your next ‘sabbath’ will be refreshing as you touch intimacy with the most incredible Person in the universe!


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