Beginning again …


This post has a double meaning. 

1) My blog needs to be tidied up a little and become more of a blog than a photo junkyard!  So, after a brief tidy-up on the page itself, I am endeavouring to begin again with occasional posts about this and that – serious to funny to what grips me (and hopefully you!)

2) A few days ago I was gripped by a post by my friend Floyd. He writes of the massive fire that swept through the Western Cape (South Africa) and destroyed 1,500 homes, making 5,000 people homeless. Homes like this one above that once covered the landscape are gone-gone-gone. Smouldering, charred metal and trash now litters the area.  South Africa is entering its winter season soon, and that’s a lot of people without a roof over their heads!  Floyd and friends are scrambling to do all they can to help out in this situation. Please read the news he wrote to see how you might be able to help families begin again.

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