Jessi having fun with Granny’s electric rise and recline chair.



Jessi having fun with Granny’s electric rise and recline chair.


Snowing again in Waringstown!#uksnow


Despite weeks of wet weather …


… Vania’s had 3 dry Saturdays to earn some money & paint garden fence! Ah! Child labour! =)

Ongoing attacks on the Saharawi people

Video and news page above is in Spanish for those who understand.

The Spanish pair call on the UN (already on location since 1991) to intervene and stop “the genocide” now occurring as Moroccan police and military kidnap and torture Saharawi citizens off the streets of the capital.

The Western Press is NOT talking about this and it is outrageous that Western (US, French, British and Spanish) governments continue to put their interests with Morocco above the sanctity of human life. Time for justice in Western Sahara and for the fulfilment of broken promises (about a referendum) made by the international community to the Saharawi people and their right to self-determination on their land.

Understanding the W Sahara situation


The BBC have written a concise but comprehensive summary of the background to and history of the current W Sahara problem. Click the bbc link or the map graphic to go read it!

BBC say ‘Eleven dead’ in Western Sahara


Please click on the bbc link or photo above to see the article from yesterday’s news AND to watch a 2-minute clear, aerial video of the unrest.